Paint It Black

Just about everything in our new house is white.  White walls, white ceilings, white trim, white floors.  Slowhand says it is like “living in a marshmallow.”  Mmmmm…squishy.

One of the first things I did to fix the white situation was to paint all of the interior doors black.  In order to properly experience the remainder of this post, get the video below going really loud, continue reading, and belt out “WHITE!!!” anytime Mick says “red”).


Yup.  I had to paint 12 doors with that song stuck in my head.  2 sides.  2 coats on each side.  By hand with a brush.   I sang that song for about a week.   Anyways, here are some shots of what they looked like before:




Totally marshmallowy, right?  I initially took a few of the doors off of the hinges to paint because I thought it would be easier:

20140813_145724_resizedTurns out, it was best for me just to leave them on the hinges.  I’m kind of a crazy painter in that I rarely drip paint in the floor or my surroundings, however, I personally tend to come out looking like a Jackson Pollock painting.


I think they look sexy now.  The doors–not my green mock crocs!

20140918_171104_resized 20140918_171450_resized

I still need to paint the hallway and add rugs, new lighting, etc., but that’ll have to wait for a bit as I have somehow found myself knee deep in a kitchen remodel.  Yikes!  More on that soon…

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