Thanksgiving Photo Dump

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving together in Las Vegas yesterday.  It was relaxing and enjoyable.  I thought I might take a step back from all of the kitchen remodel posts and share some highlights of the day with y’all.


Preparing the Weber grill for…


The turkey!  Yes folks, my preferred method for cooking the traditional bird is on a grill.  I get a turkey breast and make a spinach and bacon stuffing that goes between the skin and the meat.  A 7 lb. breast is usually done in about 2 hours.  It always comes out moist, flavorful, and delicious.


See how beautiful and brown the skin gets?  But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s rewind a bit.


Moonshine.  Because every good holiday celebration should start with shots!  I had been wanting to try this stuff since I noticed it on the liquor store shelves.  It is locally made here in Vegas and our good friend Phil just happened to have a jar to share.  It was smooth and tasty and made us all very happy.


See?  So happy!  I also tried out a tasty new salad.


It’s kale, dried apricots, manchego cheese, and apple salad.  I was pleased because Slowhand isn’t normally much of a kale fan, but he liked this salad.


Dinner was followed by a pear and gorgonzola tart.  We’re not big on dessert around here, but it seemed like the holiday kind of necessitated something.  This was light, autumnal, and not overly sweet.  And it was rustic.  Because we love rustic.