Quirky Masculine Guest Bathroom


Our style in this house has definitely skewed towards the masculine side of the decorating spectrum and the guest bathroom is no exception.  As with every room in this house, the guest bath was white, white, white, and standard 90’s.


Try to control your excitement.


I wanted to soften up the look of the room with a shower curtain, so we removed the glass shower doors.


Removing the shower doors was a lot easier than I anticipated.  It was just a matter of taking the doors off, unscrewing the frame, and then scraping off the residual caulk.


I decided to paint the walls the same color that I used in the great room–Sherwin Williams “Grizzle Gray” #7068 in a flat finish.  I know many people choose to use a paint with a sheen for kitchens and bathrooms, however, I love flat paint on all walls.  It hides imperfections and softens the look of textured surfaces.


I had originally intended to paint the wood on the sink cabinet, but after getting the dark gray paint on the walls, the wood appeared richer in color, so I kept it as is.  After hanging the shower curtain, putting down a rug, changing out the light fixture, and adding decorative elements, we have this:


I picked up the shower curtain at Marshall’s, the shower hooks from Target, and the rug from T.J. Maxx.  The mirror, plate, and framed pictures are all from various antique and thrift stores.


It’s hard to get good photos of this room since it is small.


Here are some close up shots:



This shelf is one of my favorite thrift store finds to date.  It’s old and rustic and perfect for the space.



Like most of our projects, everything was done inexpensively.  I believe that the grand total for this room came in under $200.


More Kitchen Projects

Next up on the kitchen refresh: ditching the microwave, replacing the range, and painting the base cabinets black.

20140908_185234_resized (1)

I refuse to use a microwave for anything, so we removed the old one above the range and dropped it off at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The oven was not working and I knew that I would rather replace it than repair it.  As luck would have it, I was strolling through Home Depot in search of something else and stumbled on a floor clearance sale on the EXACT GE Artistry gas range that I was considering.  It was half the price of a new one and in perfect condition (well, sort of perfect…someone had stolen the knobs off of it, but replacements had already been ordered, so I just had to wait a few days).


I love the simplicity of it–no goofy digital sh*t to deal with, plus it’s kind of retro and I miss my old 1960 O’Keefe & Merritt from our previous home.


As for the base cabinets, I gave them a quick 120 grit sanding with a multi-tool to take the shine off.  I then painted 2 coats with Behr Premium Plus Ultra in black Exterior Satin Enamel–no primer (it was a paint + primer in one deal).  I have to say, I am super happy with the results.  The satin finish looks great and the paint is sticking well.  I haven’t had any problems with chipping or scratching.


Bettie Lu was bored with the painting process and decided to sit this one out.


Lots more to come, stay tuned!

Paint It Black

Just about everything in our new house is white.  White walls, white ceilings, white trim, white floors.  Slowhand says it is like “living in a marshmallow.”  Mmmmm…squishy.

One of the first things I did to fix the white situation was to paint all of the interior doors black.  In order to properly experience the remainder of this post, get the video below going really loud, continue reading, and belt out “WHITE!!!” anytime Mick says “red”).


Yup.  I had to paint 12 doors with that song stuck in my head.  2 sides.  2 coats on each side.  By hand with a brush.   I sang that song for about a week.   Anyways, here are some shots of what they looked like before:




Totally marshmallowy, right?  I initially took a few of the doors off of the hinges to paint because I thought it would be easier:

20140813_145724_resizedTurns out, it was best for me just to leave them on the hinges.  I’m kind of a crazy painter in that I rarely drip paint in the floor or my surroundings, however, I personally tend to come out looking like a Jackson Pollock painting.


I think they look sexy now.  The doors–not my green mock crocs!

20140918_171104_resized 20140918_171450_resized

I still need to paint the hallway and add rugs, new lighting, etc., but that’ll have to wait for a bit as I have somehow found myself knee deep in a kitchen remodel.  Yikes!  More on that soon…