wall texture

Backsplash Be Gone!

I thought the 4″ granite backsplash in the kitchen was a bit underwhelming and that a tile backsplash would be a more aesthetically pleasing option, so we removed it.  Confession: It drives me crazy when people leave the backsplash up and tile above it.  I think it looks so much better to tile all the way down to the counter.


First we scored the caulk along the top and sides with a razor knife.  Then it was just a matter of tapping a scraper in between the wall and the backsplash to separate the glue from the wall.


80% of the backsplash came off looking like this.  Not too bad to deal with.  The back walls would be covered in tile and this side wall just needed to be patched and textured.  But then there was this:


Holy gap Batman!  I debated on the best way to deal with the gap.  I finally settled on several coats of MH Ready Patch which is a spackling and patching compound (available at Home Depot and Menards).


I love this stuff and have used it for years because it dries fast, is easy to work with, and it dries pretty hard and solid.

2014-11-14 21.05.43_resized

This was after 2 layers of patch.  Because there was nothing behind the gap for the patch to hold on to, I had to build it up slowly.  3 layers did the trick.  You can’t see it in the above photo, but I left a tiny gap between the newly filled in wall and the counter top.  I was worried about the wall flexing and the patch cracking.  I’ll fill that in with caulk.

2014-11-14 21.07.01_resized

It seems to be a thing here in the Southwest to have textured walls.  I personally don’t get it.  I think it is hard to deal with making repairs and I’m still wrestling with getting the wall texture right.  Anyway, you spray on the texture, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then “knock it down” or flatten it lightly with a scraper.

2014-11-14 21.08.19_resized

I still haven’t mastered the technique to making it look exactly like the original texture, but I am getting closer.  I found that doing one layer, letting it dry and then following it with a second layer produces a better result.  This wall should now be good to go with some paint and a little caulk.

On a side note, we celebrated Slowhand’s birthday this past week and had dinner at a place called Pot Liquor here in Las Vegas.  It’s billed as a contemporary American smokehouse and it certainly delivered on the bold smoky flavors.  We went all in and ordered the “Lord Have Mercy!!,” which was a heaping platter of chicken, baby back ribs, spare ribs, pulled pork, and hot links plus 3 sides (we chose the greens, fries, and mac ‘n cheese).


Lord Have Mercy is right!  There was enough food for 3 meals, but it was nice to be able to try everything.  I particularly liked the greens, but then again I am a greens fanatic and could sit and make a meal on those alone!  We’ll look forward to going back and dining there again sometime.